Moonrise and Moonset as dynamic start time in planning tools


Thank you for considering my feature request for Sequence Generator Pro. It would be great if the functionality could be added to set the targets start and stop time dynamically/automatically based on moonrise, moonset, sunrise und sunset in the planning tool. So you dont have to adjust the start and stop times of your targets everyday.
At the moment I have to add 5 minutes everyday to the stop time, and I have to adjust the time when to switch from my HaOIII target to the RGB target everyday (based on moonrise and moonset).

Thank you for your time, and I hope that this feature can be implemented in a future update.

Ah damn, someone posted the same feature request just 3 days ago. Sorry, you can close this as duplicate.

Yes, this is currently on a reasonably short list of new features that SGPro will implement. The biggest issue I see right now is that I’m struggling to find a way to implement this without a near complete overhaul of the target settings UI. The “sequencing” support for something like this is fairly trivial.