New install of SGP and configuration transfer

Hi - I have just decommissioned one of my SGP installs (old computer) and deleted its profile from the SGP site. I want the new install I have just made on a different computer, to have exactly the same settings as the one I currently have configured. What files do I need to transfer/ actions do I need to take to do that please?

many thanks

Hi Paul,
You will need to copy and transfer your equipment profiles. If you haven’t changed your profile save location, I “believe” the default location is C:/Users/(Username)/AppData/Local/SequenceGenerator/Sequence Generator Pro

The profiles will end in .sgp Simply copy these profiles into the same location on your new computer after installing SGP.

I’m not aware of a way to transfer all your settings so that SGP looks exactly the same out of the box. For example you will need to position your modules again how you like them, set up plate solving again, options etc.

I’ve been wrong before so hopefully Jared or Ken will weigh in with a way to transfer all your settings if that’s possible.

thanks Joel - I think that was the part I needed, I don’t mind
reconfiguring the non essential bits :slight_smile: