New Version: No HFR… Autofocus Fails

Hi guys, just installed lastest version ( but the focused procedure simply stop working. I can see starts in the pictures of the procedure, but no HFR data is detected, so, the procedure fails. No changes since last use in any, parameters or physical stuff (dedicated observatory). Any tip?. Anyone using this version with positive results?

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I installed tonight and the autofocus worked for me first time. Currently running APPM with SGP as the camera interface, but will be back to imaging and autofocus afterwards and will check to see if there are issues like this.

I’ve got the same problem. No HFR and detection stars for count.

Same problem here on two PC’s. I reverted to previous version and autofocus/HFR working properly.

Hi Stan, one question, what did you do to revert the version?, just download and install it over?. I’m afraid to lost my local settings if I need to remove the current version first.

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I had version in my downloads folder and used it. I do not recall what the last version was that worked.


I had in my downloads and just used it. I do not recall what the last revision was that worked.

I just installed and autofocus/HFR calculations work with it as well. I downloaded and installed it over the top of

stan smith

Same for me, v900 does not show/calculate HFR, reverted to previous version and it works well, this issue is reported here also

We’re more than happy to take a look at what’s going on with this issue, but since all of our internal Auto Focus tests are passing, we’d need logs to see what’s happening. Even if you reverted to 4.1, the logs are still present and can be found using the issue reporting tool. More guidance here:

closing this and consolidating here…