Notice to install Pinpoint LE after update

After installing latest update,, I’m getting notice to install Pinpoint LE.


I’m using ASTAP.

Interesting. It seems likely that maybe you might actually have Maxim installed on your system? That’s not a case we tested for… we will certainly do so, just trying to understand what causes it.

I do indeed have Maxim installed. I’m switching to SGP.

Ok, thx. I’ll see if we can somehow avoid this confusion programmatically. Worst case scenario, we’ll add a setting that forcibly ignores the checks SGPro runs to see if Pinpoint is installed.

@BobDenny Do you know, off hand, if there is a way we can inspect the created Pinpoint object in place that would distinguish LE from the full version?

Unknown how just installing an SGP update could do this. The quick solution is to re-enter your full PinPoint license per the directions in the license email. If that doesn’t work I’d like to solve the problem for you. Please post to the DC-3 Dreams Communication Center PinPoint section. The login details are in your PinPoint license email.


PinPoint came with MaximDL and had no separate license, only MaximDL license. SGP has been working without issue until I updated to

With then new Plate Solve interface I see that Pinpoint status is “checking”.

MaximDL includes PinPoint LE (light edition), not a full version.

The latest version of SGPro attempts to inventory solvers at start. This is new behavior in SGPro. If there isn’t a way to programmatically distinguish Pinpoint from Pinpoint LE, that’s totally fine and we can handle another way. Was just checking if there was an existing solution.