Nudging the mount using Centre Here on an image

I am struggling with right clicking on an image and asking SGP to centre here. I have been using the plate solve slew and centre for years without issue. It usually solves straight away, it never takes more than two attempts. But if I ask SGP to Centre Here on an image the mount moves, but not correctly. Plus, then any further attempts at the slew and centre (or centre here) on any of the targets in a sequence it fails. It stars searching and never manages a single plate solve. This issue not just for the target I tried to centre here on, it messes it up for all the targets in the sequence, even pervious ones that were successfully slewed and centred.

But if I go to another sequence either an old one or create a new one with the same targets then it woks fine when slewing and centring. But right click and ask it to centre here and the whole thing repeats.

I am using an iOptron GEM45EC with the iOptron Commander, I have never had these issues before and my equipment has not changed. I have never tried the Centre Here option before.

If I shut down SGP and open the same sequence it still does not centre on the slew and centre command. Even a full shutdown has no effect. It is very puzzling.

Could anyone please shed any light on what I must be doing wrong, or at least how to reset the plate solving.

Possibly, but the centering process is complex enough that we can’t have any certainty regarding ailments without logs showing this issue. If you can find logs showing it or reproduce the issue, we can take a look.

Thank you, sorry for posting in the wrong place. Next time I use SGP I will try it again and gather a log.