Odd window behaviour - keep calm


I posted what I thought was a teamviewer problem but is not. I often use sgp whilst not connected to anything (because it rains so much… I was in Arizona last week, it didn’t rain…).

Here’s the problem.

If I try to use the control panel (Ctrl E) or pick from View menu it appears fine. No prob so far. If i now try to pick any option by clicking it, the control panel disappears.

I use win 7 with auto updates

any help appreciated

I’ve been using Teamviewer between two Win7 PCs for a couple years now and I’ve never seen this behavior.

Hello Paul,

I encountered the exact same problem (disappearing of panels on click) on my very first SGPro session. After a while I found the “reason”: I had open in parallel the help file of SGPro.
In my first sessions I could reproduce this behaviour reliable: no way to click on a panel with opened help. After closing the help, all worked as expected.

In the meantime I can’t reproduce this beaviour anymore. Help is open, and I can click on the panels without disappearing. But unfortunatly I cannot tell you what I have done.

The only thing I have in mind: in the meantime I have added some profiles. But I don’t want to test that by deleting them :smiley:

I am also running Win 7 as operating system. Still using the trial version (but soon purchasing the license)

Thanks, yes i think it’s help file related too. If i have the help file open i can’t properly switch between sgpro and help.

Paul Kirk