Optimal elbrus settings

I have just installed elbrus and configured it for my camera - I used it on an image I took a while back of the iris nebula. I loaded the image and right clicked it in SGP and picked plate solve. It solved which is great, however, when I connect to the camera and scope etc (out of commission at present due to new mount install), I would like Elbrus to be fully automated in the same way as ansrvr was. I will continue to use ansrvr as failover. So my question is, are there any other elbrus settings I will need to configure? Do I need to pick anything particular from the file or coordinates menus?

thanks for any help on this,

Also, where does it get the RA and Dec hints from? Does the framing and mosaic wizard supply those?


Depends on the source. If the image is from your camera, the location hints are provided by the mount, otherwise they are provided from FITS headers.

Not really sure how to answer you other questions… just make sure all your camera data (in the camera tab) is accurate.

ok thanks Ken