Option for Zero Position at End of Sequence


Would it be possible to have an option for the telescope to return to zero position at the end of a sequence? My lowly CEM25p doesn’t support a park command. I currently stop it at end of sequence, but sometimes it’s sort of aimed towards my neighbor’s house, and I don’t want to raise suspicions.

I found this post, but writing code in C# is a bit more than I’m down for - ZEQ 25 Home Position via POTH


Guillermo Ferla

You can create a VBScript to do this and run it at end of sequence. Replace the simulator with whatever your scope ID is (you’ll have to look this up in the Profile Explorer ASCOM app (this was installed with ASCOM.

Set scope = CreateObject("ASCOM.Simulator.Telescope")
scope.Connected = true


Thanks, Jared! Don’t think I ever clicked that button.