Order for sequence events..Plate solve first then autofucus

When running a new sequence typically SGP will do the following:

Connect all equipment
Plate solve
Select planned filter
Autofocus with planned filter
Restart PHD2 and resume guiding
Start integration

But recently things are out of sequence, so the plate solve happens after autofocus routine.

How do you force the order in which the activities take place?

We moved auto focus after plate solving as plate solving needs a focused image to succeed.



When did this change happen? Was it in the last few weeks, and is there a way to control the order in SGP?

I can’t recall which version but it was a while back. Is it problematic?

No, you cannot control the order.


what i am experiencing is the autofocus routine happens with say (ha) and then it changes filter to Lum to run the plate solve. Once plate solve happens is then reruns the autofocu again with ( HA) and then starts integration. Seems like duplicative autofocus activities

Yes, that second one shouldn’t be triggered. Can you provide logs:


Here are a couple of recent logs.

I agree that auto focus needs to run before plate solving. However, the double auto focus issue has been happening for a while:

  1. Auto focus on target start - enabled
  2. First event uses RED filter; run auto focus with RED filter
  3. Plate solve and center changes to the LUM filter
  4. Start first event. Sees current filter as LUM but event uses RED
  5. Auto focus on filter change then triggers another RED auto focus.


Is it only me or this sentence does not make sense?

Sorry, other way around :slight_smile:

Auto focus should be ran prior to plate solving. Secondary auto focus should not be happening.


Hi. I actually have this happening with my Canon 600d and no filter wheel. Mount slews to target, autofocus, plate solve & centre, and another autofocus before the first sequence image.