PHD2 not guiding after First image

I had a system that has been working great. A few weeks ago problems started. Changed cables etc. Finally found that my mainboard was bad . Ioptron sent a new one and replaced it with update firmware. Tracking works til I do a sequence. After the first sequence it tells me that the auto guider is settling. The settling keep moving off. Looked a PHD2 and noticed that the alignment circles are not on the stars as in the first sequence and keeps moving away. SGPRO give me a quick warning that something is off by .07. This happens quickly then goes away. No sure if a read that warning correctly. Stuck. Change cables? Polar align? Setting on tools for alignment need to be corrected? Maybe a screen shoot would help. Note a few times the sequence may go to the third sequence before this problem.

Hi there. We’d need to see logs to help troubleshoot. Please recreate the issue and then use the built-in issue reporting tool to send us logs (or locate existing logs that show the issue… SGPro keeps logs for 14 days).

Fixed. Just had to recalibrate. Thanks