PHD2 Reconnect

Hello! I have a remote rig in Australia. So remote control ‘ease’ of use is vital. When I set a ‘local’ start time and ‘run sequence’ all is well. (PHD2 connects automatically) However, if the sequence ‘pauses’ for any reason (weather or whatever) it goes to ‘resume sequence’ and PHD2 disconnects. I have 2 questions: 1 - Do I have to press ‘resume sequence’ for SGPro to re-start at the correct time, or will it re-start automatically? (which if it doesn’t would be a great feature) 2 - If I must press ‘resume sequence’ must I also manually connect PHD2? I would like as much automation as possible. Thank you!

No explicit user interaction is required to restart PHD2. SGPro does all of this through the PHD2 API. It’s possible that there is some kind of silent failure maybe? If you’d be inclined to submit logs to us for inspection, we’ll see what we can find. Further guidance on how to do this can be found here:

Thank you Ken for the quick response! Good to know about PHD2. So, I DO have to press ‘resume sequence’ to keep going the next day? Or is there a way to have it resume on it’s own?

This is settings dependent. Do you have your sequence set to automatically resume on “safe”? Note: I am assuming that you didn’t stop the sequence manually? If you did stop the sequence manually, it also must be resumed manually (by design). Here is more info on restart on safe:

@Ken , Is there specific logic or preference to determine the PHD2 behaviour?
Use case 1 - I start PHD2 via the PHD2 console and then start the SGP sequencer
Use case 2 I start SGP sequencer and let it do everything to do with PHD2?

I end up with different behaviour an in some instances PHD2 fails to connect. I’ve started trialling SkyGuard with some success as the PHD2 behaviour can be quite annoying


@bfialkov I’m not sure I fully understand the question (or problem). But, the answer to what I think you are asking is:

SGPro does not care how PHD2 started guiding, just that it is. In all cases, if PHD2 is not guiding when SGPro is trying to resume the sequence, it will ask PHD2 to restart and await a message from PHD2 that it has received the message and started guiding.

What do you mean by this? By “connect” do you mean that SGPro cannot talk to the PHD2 API? Something else maybe?

In the past, we have seen issues with PHD2 communications:

  • From antivirus software that monitors network traffic
  • From starting PHD2 as an administrator
  • When PHD2 is not shut down properly and does not release the 4400 port (the new PHD2 instance cannot use it)