Plate Solvig failed on iOptron EM60

Hi everyone,
last night was really bad. Started off good - got the CEM60 set up and started the session. All went well and the plate solving had no problem at all with locking onto the target. A few hours later, I assume after meridian flip (which has also been working fine the last 6 months), the plate solving just would not work correctly. I had to restart SGP and/or my PC several times, but unfortunately Platesolver2 would do one frame and then revert to blind solving, which also did not work.

In the end I managed to get the scope roughly on target and continued the session without plate solving. I’m running version 169 and have done so since it came out without any issues. What has changed, is that Windows installed an update this week, but I’m not sure that has anything to do with it.
Another change made about three weeks ago, was to update the iOptron Commander to the latest version, but since then I’ve successfully imaged on two different nights.

The Logfiles can be found here:!AiJtNazoGA2vgoVSO0ZblBtzfu0nQw?e=NpZnHM

Really appreciate the help.

We can close this one. After doing everything I could think of to solve this issue, I updated to 307 and things work fine now.

Thank you.