Premature Failure of Imaging for two seperate rigs


I run two rigs with the latest versions og SGP and both “end” imaging prematurely. I have the same target set for both and the end time for both is at approx. 03:20 hours and the exposure length is 180 seconds for all filters.

For Rig_01 (CEM70 with RC8) the last exposure was taken at 01:37:14 hours. Last 4 digits of the log name: 4525.log
For Rig_02 (CEM40 with TS81Q) the last exposure was downloaded at 03:05 hours. 3502.log

Rig_01, instead of going to the Park position, as is normally the case ends up pointing just anywhere, in contrast to Rig_02 which is parked as it should be.

Both instances display that the sequence was paused due to time limit but as can be seen there is still a lot of activity going on the background. The premature termination of imaging has occurred at least twice in the past 3 nights.

Would appriciate it, if you could take a look. Thank you.

Link to Logs


Useful Info

OS: Windows 10Pro (both rigs)
Ver: (both rigs)

I think I am not fully understanding the issue. In the logs ending 3502 there does not seem to be any event of significance at around 3:05. The sequence moves through that period normally and terminates the sequence at 5:09. Maybe that’s what your saying? The sequence didn’t terminate, but somehow the UI indicated it did?

Also… as a note, Rig_01 is using a very old and known to be unstable version of SGPro ( which should probably be updated.

Hello Ken,
my apologies, but I seem to have linked the wrong logfile . Here’s the correct one:
sg_logfile_20230709230103.log - Rig_01
sg_logfile_20230709230401.log - Rig_02

Maybe I can explain the situation a little better:
both rigs have been set up to end 03:20 hours or there about, due to the beginning of dawn. Rig_01 took the last exposure at 01:37:14 hours and then something happened.
Rig_02 took the last exposure at 03:05 hours. Both rigs should have exposed till close to 03:20 hours and the the end of sequence should have been initiated.

My apologies for the confusion. Regards.

For rig01:

You seem to have had a mount failure (driver probably, maybe cables responding to gravity, etc). At 01:42 PHD2 attempts to dither, but is unable to convince the mount to correct its position. At 01:52 SGPro issues this error:

Something has gone wrong while attempting to dither or settle the auto guider! Starting sequence recovery...

Note: You have access to this message in the Notification Center.

SGPro attempts to recover the sequece, but I suspect runs into the same issue as PHD2:

[07/10/23 01:59:01.409][DEBUG][Telescope Thread][SQ;CE;] ASCOM Telescope: Error in Slew : SlewToTargetAsync failed. (ASCOM.InvalidOperationException: SlewToTargetAsync failed.

and then ends the sequence…

The mount ends up in a “not correct” end of sequence position because SGPro is no longer able to communicate with it in order to tell it to park.

Error in Parking Telescope!

You also have access to this message in the Notification Center.

For rig02:

The sequence’s end time is set at 3:08 am and SGPro quit when it decided it could not take another image before the end time (note: rig01 does have an end time of 3:20). From your sequence:


Thank you for the information.