Price for v2 to v3 upgrade

hi is there a discount for the upgrade please and is it annually or a one off payment

Look here:

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thanks just wish it was slightly cheaper to warrant the upgrade

Honestly i think that pay $79 for an upgrade, instead of $99 for a new 3.0 license is unfair and expensive.

We already paid $99 for the 2.0 version, so only $20 of discount is just laughable.

The reasons I am happy with the upgrade pricing are:

  • There was never any charge for all the added features and upgrades to version 2 (there were lots!) so this is just giving something back.
  • The new version has some nice features
  • The Mosaic and Notification modules are now part of this pricing (worth 58 USD)
  • There is no need to upgrade if you don’t need any of the new features (essential support is still available for v2)
  • SGP is far cheaper than most of the competitor packages of similar functionality so although the percentage might look high, the actual amount is still small.

And most of all I would like to see this product on a stable financial footing which allows the developers to allocated the appropriate amount of time to support, maintain and develop this product.

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@Mike: Love your post…agree 100%.


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