SGPro 3.0 Pre-release FAQ

Hey folks,

We will be releasing SGPro 3.0 this Friday (Jan 26th). So… we want to take a few moments to clarify some things.

Does the upgrade to SGPro 3.0 cost money?

Yes. If you already own SGPro, it will cost $79. If you are buying SGPro new, it will cost the normal $99. Because we have added all of our addons into the base product now, we will allow users who have purchased these items in the past to apply their cost to the $79 upgrade price. Example: You, in the past, have purchased the Mosaic and Framing Wizard for $39 and now wish to upgrade to SGPro 3.0. You may subtract the $39 from the $79 price and you may purchase the upgrade for $40.

You haven’t ever charged for upgrades in the past, what gives?

This is because we have never incremented the “major version” of SGPro. All updates to SGPro, since its inception, have been for the 2.X version and because of this, there is no charge. SGPro 3.0 will be the first time we have upgraded the major version, and, as a result, the first time we have charged for an update.

What happens if I don’t want to upgrade?

No problem. If you have purchased SGPro in the past, you will always be able to use it. All upgrades of SGPro are sold on their own merit and nothing else. If you decide to stay on a previous version of SGPro, we will do our best to ensure you continue to have a great experience (we don’t guarantee all bugs will be fixed in older versions, but will will do our best to ensure that all issues “core” to functionality are addressed).

I don’t think SGPro 3.0 has enough new functionality to warrant the upgrade cost, what gives?

That’s fair, and again, you are never forced to upgrade. Keep in mind that, after upgrading to SGPro 3.0, all feature updates to SGPro 3.X will be free of charge. We don’t always have clear line of sight on all of the things we will put into SGPro 3.X, but we will do our best to keep you up to date.

What are the major changes in SGPro 3.0?

  • Planning tools

    • Show target rise and set on an easy to read graph
    • Easily identify when it is “safe” to start imaging (twilight, etc)
    • Choose start and end times quickly by clicking on the graph
    • See an itemized list of errors and warnings to help you plan the capture sequence
    • Define your own custom horizon to reflect your environment
    • Check the status of the moon
  • New features for start and end times

    • Define times by altitude (or by time of day)
    • Lock time or altitude
      • When time is locked, the time will remain static from day to day and the altitude will vary
      • When altitude is locked, it will remain static and the time will vary
  • Integration with FocusLock (still beta)

    • See FocusLock status without needing the FocusLock application
    • Perform basic operations direct from SGPro
    • Restart the current frame if FocusLock reports you are out of focus m (will block until focus is re-acquired)
    • Prevent FocusLock from altering the focuser position during image integration
  • Update manager overhaul, managing SGPro versions is now easier than ever

    • Receive notifications that your SGPro is out of date
    • Snooze these notifications for 7 days (more time intervals soon)
    • View release notes in a new, rich text formatted, area
    • Download and upgrade without ever going to the MSS web site
    • Opt-in to the beta-track directly from the update manager to get notifications of new betas (or new releases… whichever is the latest)
  • Gear

    • Support for Gemini SnapCap FlatBox device
    • Support for Canon Digic 6 and 7 cameras
    • Native support for ZWO ASI (beta)
    • SBIG RBI Implementation
  • Misc changes

    • Addition of “per event” gain control
    • A sequence can now import targets from other SGPro sequences
    • Updated CTYPEn FITS headers to report projection as gnomonic (instead of default)
    • SGPro will now more accurately detect the need to auto connect with a flats box
    • Recovery mode stabilization
    • Added camera gain to the file namer (%cg)

Is that it?

Nope. SGPro 3.X will have a decent amount of time to pick up new features (at no cost to owners of SGPro 3). Stay tuned…

Please respond below if you’d like answers to any other aspect of the upgrade.


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Excellent! Thanks.


Hi Ken,

I purchased SGPro on the 18th December 2017 and have only used the 3.x beta version.

In another thread “Upgrade to 3.0 Path?” Jared stated:

“We’ll upgrade users automatically that purchased SGP2 within 90 days of the SGP3 release”

Is this still the case?


It is. We’ll update everyone in that 90 day period on Friday.


First off, congrats on getting ready to ship the new version of SGP! I do have a few questions about 3.0:

  1. I read that INDI was not going to be ready when 3.0 goes live, which is cool. Is there a ballpark estimate for when INDI support might be available? Also, do you guys need some testers for the INDI compatible version? I would be happy to help test if so.

  2. I saw the FocusLock functionality listed, and thought that was pretty awesome. I am hoping more adapters like the one for the Lodestar, come to market. I would love to use FocusLock! With that said, are there any planned changes to the existing focusing methods baked into the SGP product?

Thanks in advance, and I am looking forward to the upgrade this Friday!

Will it be possible to have both the 2.5.xx version and 3.x version installed on the same computer? In other words, I would like to still be able to run the 2.5.25 version while I am learning how to use version 3.0.


You can install them in different directories. But the 3.0 changes are NOT so vast that it’s a completely different application. The learning curve should be nearly non-existent with the exception of a couple optional things (primarily the Planning Tools)


I’m hopeful I can find some time to dedicate to it in the next couple of months. The majority of INDI is actually already done. We have some technical dept we need pay down in a couple of devices where some poor decisions were made. Hopefully we can release the “main 4” (camera, focuser, filterwheel, telescope) within that time and get the other devices shortly after.


Awesome, Jared! Getting the big 4 would be awesome. From a design standpoint will folks be able to mix and match ASCOM with INDI or is it a one or the other decision?

You guys Rock!

Paypal has left Turkey and it is not an option here anymore. What are my options to pay for the upgrade ?

If nothing grabs me on this upgrade at the moment and I choose to stay with V2… presumably the next BIG update will be V4… so can I skip a version and then go direct to V4 for example should there be something on there that I’d like?

Yes, mox and match all devices, but initially only one INDI server will be supported.

Unfortunately I’m not sure. PayPal is the only payment integration we have at the moment. But we can probably handle something in one off cases if needed.

Certainly, we haven’t worked out the details. It may just be considered a new purchase rather than an upgrade.

Thank you,


Thanks for the information. I’m looking forward to the new version.


Re: ZWO ASI native support:

Currently I’m using a DSLR, but will soon be upgrading to an ASI1600 CMOS mono. Am I to understand that these cameras are not currently supported in SGP2?

Beta only at this time? Thank you.

The ASI is supported with SGP by using the cameras ASCOM driver, what SGP has done has integrated the ASI drivers internally so that ASCOM driver would not be necessary (beta). Regardless it’s definitely usable in SGP!

This is still one of the best deals in astrophotography.
I am excited to start using this new version and more than willing to pay to keep improvements rolling along.

John Butler

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Does this the offset in ASI camera driver can be set by the program? I read that v3.0 adds gain set per event, which is awesome! Thanks.


Will the upgrade maintain all my settings and sequences from SGP2?

Hi! How do I go about substracting the frame wizard price if I want to purchase the $40 upgrade to 3.0?