Problem generating flats when event not completed

My normal process is to setup events such that I am imaging until early in the morning. At that time I then finish the night by generating flats.

Recently (with release of ver 4.1) I am having problems getting the flats imaged since SGP wants to re-platesolve, etc. and wants to keep autoguiding. If I only have ‘flats’ event selected SGP should not be trying to either autoguide, platesolve or refocus.

I deselect or delete any sequence not completed, and add the ‘flats’ event. When I go to run the flats event, SGP continues to try and platesolve even though I have no ‘light’ event selected.

How can I get SGP to run my ‘flat’ event without having SGP try to either do a platesolve or a refocus??? Currently I get around this by generating and entirely new sequence just to get the flats completed. This is taking me added time, which I do not need in the wee hours of the morning.

With previous versions of SGP (4.0) I did not have this problem. I just deselected all ‘light’ events…I even then deselected the scope and focuser.

It’s hard to tell… there are so many different options that can change the behavior of SGPro. If you want to either attach your sequence to this thread or submit logs showing the run, we can guide you in the right direction. Without looking, I’d say that you should inspect target settings for the target containing the flats. SGPro does not know a target only contains calibration frames or not and will always honor target settings dictating whether or not it should attempt to center on a location when it starts.

Guidance for submitting logs is here: About the SGPro Support category

I’ve gotten around this by deselecting all the Light events then going into the Target settings and telling it Do Not Slew. Not ideal, but it works ok. I’d agree that for an event that has no Light frames selected I would think that SGP would ignore any and all target settings. There’s probably a use case out there to the contrary though.



I will give it a try.