Problem when choosing a microtouch focuser

Hello and thanks in advance for any help with this.

I have just acquired and installed a Starizona Microtouch (wired version). Install is via USB2 and the Microtouch software detects the focuser etc no prob.

When i set up a profile including the focuser that goes fine. In the sequence (based on the equipment profile) when I use the focuser dropdown to pick up the microtouch I get the following error upon trying to connect or access properties.

‘value cannot be null. parameter name: Type’

If instead I pick the ascom chooser in the dropdown, i get ‘incompatible driver’ error and ‘cannot find progid’ - the chooser then locks up.


The solution is it seems in two parts:
From the windows program files folder run the starizona microtouch software as administrator one time - starizona advised this will set registry keys.

I then ran SGP as admin too and the microtouch connected successfully.
One thing to watch out for is that the connection properties window opens behind everything and makes it seem that sgp locked up.