Problem witn “Target Settings”

I use (32 bit) on a windows 10 computer. In the Sequencer, when I click on the little wheel in Target 1, then it opens a window: Target Settings . That is OK.
When I do the same thing on a windows 11 laptop it opens a window: Target 1: Location, Target will start, etc… but no window “target Setting”
The same in older versions.

Sorry, it’s not clear to me what you are saying. Maybe a screenshot of the Windows 11 machine?

In Windows 10 I get the firts screen and then comes the second one.
In Windows 11 I get only the firts screen.

Ah ok, I see now, you are referring to the target tooltip. Can you try something? In Windows 11, can you “right-click” the target and attempt to open the settings dialog from the context menu? That will help us understand where the problem is… Thanks.

OK: I did it and nothing happens.

If this can help;
In Windows11
32 bit it is OK: Window “Target Settings” pops up
32 bit it is OK: Window “Target Settings” pops up
32 bit No Window “Target Settings”
All above No window “Target Settings”

Thank you, that may be helpful. We are still unsure of the problem and we can’t find any other machines that behave in this manner, but we’ll keep looking.

Also, we’d like to take a look at the log file to see if some kind of display error is present. Would you mind opening SGPro on an affected Windows 11 machine and then attempting to open the Target Settings window? After you do this, you can use SGPro to share the logs with us. Guidance is here:

The “Report a problem” window does not appear.
Therefore I thought this was not an SGP problem, but rather a Windows problem.
I have reinstalled Windows 11 and everything is fine!

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Oh, that’s odd. I wonder if it was a problem with the .NET install…