QHYCFW3 via QHY163M 4 pin connection

I am struggling to get my new camera/filter wheel QHY163M/QHYCFW3 to work with SGP.
The camera appears to connect correctly and operate. But no matter what I try I cannot get the filter wheel to operate. Initially when connecting: SGP report the filter is moving then reports NA. All the time there is nothing from the filter wheel (no movement or LED).
I have downloaded the latest camera drivers and Ascom (4pin) drivers but still no joy!
The filter wheel is connected to the laptop via the camera 4 pin connector. and switched to that mode ie green status LED.
At one point it did start to work, but after restarting SGP i’m back to no filter wheel movement.
I have tried switching the filter wheel into USB mode (with all the drivers installed) but still no control of the filter wheel.
I know the hardware is all OK because it works flawlessly in EZcapQT.
I also have Kstars/Ekos setup on my old laptop and again the camera/filter wheel works fine.
I have looked at forums on the internet and see other people have also had problems, but I can’t find a solution.
I have even tried wiping my Dell Latitude laptop and doing a clean install of Windows 10, ASCOM Platform 6.4SP1, SGP and camera drivers but still the same :frowning:
I have run out of things to try…
There must be people who have managed to get this setup working?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Neither EZCap or Ekos will be using the ASCOM drivers and that is likely where the problem lies. If you can upload some logs we can look:


Hello. Thank you for your reply.
Yes I came to that conclusion too.
This evening I tried another laptop an Asus with a USB3 port.
Bingo it works! But I would still like to get it working on the Dell Latitude, but at least I know it all works :slight_smile:
I did note however it was critical how the devices where enabled in SGP. The camera has to be selected and connected first, then the filter wheel selected, at this point a box opens up asking to import data from the wheel, I click OK then the filter wheel connects it’s self…
Kind regards.

This is good to know, I just received the new QHY600 and am waiting on the QHY Filter Wheel.