Release notes and subscription

Hi, I am in process of transferring my observatory to a new location and I won’t be active again until next year :frowning: , perhaps Autumn 2022 the way things are going (downside of working on your own in a remote location without power). So this year I haven’t renewed my SGP version, but I’d like to keep up to date with the release notes for new features etc how do I do that please? Also Just to check that I can pick up again with my subscription in September 2022 and that will get me the latest version - is that right?

Clicking on any release here will allow you to see release notes for any release:

thanks Ken, there is an area which states Change Log for SGPro (v4.0.0.700) but it’s not a link. The only live link on that page is ‘download’

The release got messed up so it’s not a good example. Instead of download, you’ll just click the actual text of the release… Typically they look like this: Sequence Generator Pro 4 64-bit – Sequence Generator Pro

As a general rule of thumb, the first release of a major or minor version number will contain the “big” changes that caused the version increment and the releases after it that have the same major and minor version will contain just patch notes.

Version 4.0 (first version was and its release notes are:

The next release was That release has the same major and minor versions (4.0) as release 676 so it just contains the patch notes: Sequence Generator Pro 4 (32-bit) – Sequence Generator Pro