RoboFocus connection problems

Hi all,

I am experimenting with making the switch from MaximDL to SGP and I am having a connection problem with SGP connecting to RoboFocus. I am running the connection via the Pegasus pocket power box. All drivers are installed and I have the proper com port setup. When I click on the set up tab or the connect tab, I get an error message that says “retrieving the com class factory for component with CLSID failed do the following error: Class not registered” There are some codes in the error message that I did not include here. Can someone help me get over this hurdle as I cannot even use the setup tab without getting this error, I can make no changes to the com port or any other settings. If I close down SGP and open MaximDl and use there autofocus program via ASCOM everything connects up perfectly so I must have some setting in SGP that is off.



I’m guessing you’re running SGP4 64bit? Sounds like the drivers you’re using are likely only 32 bit so you’ll either have to find if there is a 64bit version of the driver or you’ll have to use the 32bit version of SGP.


That’s it. Thank you.


Steve, I experienced the same problem. The guys at Robofocus were not helpfull but can I suggest that you let them know that you too require them to develop a 64bit driver. Perhaps they will be more responsive if they hear the request from other sources
There is a work around. Connect the ASCOM Device Hub to Robofocus, and then select the ASCOM Device Hub in the SPG focuser drop down menu

Device Hub is a good option too. I forget about that. It exposes the drivers as a “Local Server” which is basically “bitless”.


Thanks all for the thoughtful replies. After reading the 1st response I just uninstalled the 64bit version and reinstalled the 32bit version and all went smoothly. The only issue was that I am not able to pull in the temperature data. Any ideas as to why??

I assume that on a functional level there are no difference between 64 and 32 bit versions? To bad Robofocus is stuck in the dark ages.


I don’t know if robofocus actually exposes temperature to be honest? Or maybe it does so in a non-standard manner?

I assume that on a functional level there are no difference between 64 and 32 bit versions?

There are some functional differences but they’re generally specific to certain drivers. For the most part there are no real differences other than hardware support.


HI Jared,

Thanks for that, but what I am thinking ( I freely admit that software is not my strong point) is that maybe the temperature data comes from the control box itself and when connecting via ASCOM it bypasses that box. Is that possible?

Looks like you may need to use the RoboFocus Server to get the temp:


Did you chose « Pegasus Astro Observing Conditions » in the Environment window for the temperature data ?