SBIG Camera Error

While attempting to operate an ST-8XE with SGP I receive an error message when attempting to image in Frame and Focus: SBIG Error while fetching customer options! UNKNOWN_COMMAND.

I am very new to SGP and suspect a setup error on my part but just can’t find it!


Sorry: SGP version:

Well this is disappointing. Trying to decide between SGP and NINA. But can’t run a sequence with my SBIG ccd because of this error message. Would like to try it out again tonight. Could I please have some help with this problem? If I have missed something in setup or the solution is mentioned already please just refer me to the proper resource. Thanks!

Please update to the latest SGP. Fairly certain this issue was addressed a while back.

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Thanks for the response. I downloaded the latest version: Unfortunately I still get the error message which stops the imaging sequence. Once I click ‘O.K.’ the image is taken and displayed. Snip attached of the error message.
The camera is an old ST-8XE with USB connection. It works with NINA, CCDOps, and APT without a glitch.

Frankly I would prefer to use SGP as NINA has problems with my Canon DSLR and APT just doesn’t have the sequencing capability I hope to utilize in the future. Right now I have a new mount (CEM60) and have added a short f/l refractor. Have
to use my DSLR and ST-8 for a while before I can afford to purchase a new camera.



Can you provide a link to your logs?

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‘a link to my logs’ ? I would be pleased to do this but I don’t know how. Can you provide me with a link to inform me of the process? I searched the help file and didn’t find it. Perhaps I used the wrong search information? I had given up on SGP and moved to APT, but would really prefer using your program long-term. Note: I have no problem connecting and imaging with my SBIG camera in APT. NINA will not support SBIG. Tks, John

Had same problem with an ST-10; this driver solved the problem see

Adam: Thanks for the information. I have a question though (which may well flaunt my ignorance!): My ST-8XE is working with CCDOps and APT, but not with SGP. Don’t all of these programs use the same drivers? Don’t drivers reside for general use in the C: drive and not within the individual program/app’s folders?

I am not a pro in computer and it took me a lot of time before going to Diffraction Limited specific place for the ST and STL driver. As you mentionned the std driver is ok for some camera program just only not for SGP!!

Please see here:

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Adam: I looked at this link and from the old blog entries cannot see how/what I should do. I downloaded CCDOps and Driver Checker from the DL website a month or two ago (Thanks!). Have recently checked drivers for updates and it shows no updates are needed. Since the release of the new driver in 2018 shouldn’t my drivers be current now, or do I need to revert the driver I have and go back to the older version?

The camera works in CCDOps and APT, it also works with SGP IF I clear the error message prior to each exposure.

Thanks for your assistance in this matter. I would prefer to use SGP sequencing for my photometry work.


Hello John,
I also do photometry (asteroids and more) with the old SBIG ST-10.
No problem with other software just with SGP when using last SBIG drivers thru SBIG Driver Checker 64 Application.
Problems I had are very similar to yours, sometimes various error message, sometimes ok for 1 image but problem with the next one and only with SGP. A insisted because SGP is a very good software to schedule a full night, so, after many trials arrived to the page of Diffraction Limited that deal with this specific problem of ST/STL camera and SGP.
I downloaded the driver and with it you have a README.txt that explain how to use it, very simple.
I use it on W7 pro and W10 portable computers with various setup (USB hub, more or less equipment) and that solved the error message almost all the time (not always)
Buy the way its close to sunset time for me, no clouds, so its time to wake up the setup.

Thanks so much for taking the time to elaborate on this problem/fix. Your explanation is very helpful. I have printed off the instructions and will make the changes shortly.

Asteroids and more? Sounds very interesting. I am just getting started with photometry, a newbie. Hopefully next week I can get started collecting some data. Looking for a SSP variable that is fairly bright that I can play with. Considering DY Her for a start. But I have so much more to learn!!

Have a great evening imaging.

Jared & PeterTraverse:
Success! Thanks so much Peter for your suggestion, link, and explanation. I downloaded the old driver, renamed the current driver, and now the ST-8XE works very well. Set up a short test sequence and the camera/program ran through the sequence without any difficulty.

Much appreciated,
John/Go Downing