Sequence Aborted Meridian Flip Failed

With my new PC install the SGP experiencing this failure it never had before. It initiates the Meridian Flip normally and follows all the regular steps fine. However after the final slew it checks the Plate Solving Frame. I see that my object is centered - BUT it reports failure and aborts the sequence immediately. I can’t even prevent that, would have to restart everything.
I tried to find any settings that may change this behavior but nothing under “Meridian Flip Options”.
And it is pretty consistent - no Automatic Flip for me at this point.
Appreciate any suggestions,

Not sure off hand, but if you want to send us logs we’ll take a look.

I can send you a full log. But relevant quote I think is this: [06/04/22 22:17:32.263][WARN][Center Scope Thread][SQ;MF;] Unable to achieve results below allowable error (50 px) in 2 attempts!
[06/04/22 22:17:32.263][INFO][Center Scope Thread][SQ;MF;] RA Error: 52.2
[06/04/22 22:17:32.263][INFO][Center Scope Thread][SQ;MF;] DEC Error: 5.8
52.2 pixels error would have been fine by me.

Oh, ok, I misunderstood.


Thanks for pointing out this dialog box. It actually plate solves fine with default settings in all other instances, having a problem only after the Flip. I’ll try different settings. Also strange that SGP didn’t try to recover from the situation, saying that abort is invoked and no attempt of the recovery will be made (unless I don’t understand it correctly):

[06/04/22 22:17:41.515][DEBUG][Main Thread][SQ;MF;] Centering dialog is closed…
[06/04/22 22:17:41.515][DEBUG][Main Thread][SQ;MF;] Adding sequence level notification: Failed to center on reference with an error less than 50 pixels.
[06/04/22 22:17:41.597][DEBUG][Main Thread][SQ;MF;] Sending Notification: Error - Failed to center on reference with an error less than 50 pixels.
[06/04/22 22:17:41.600][DEBUG][Pier Flip Thread][SQ;MF;] AbortSignal “Global Abort Signal” check; value is True
[06/04/22 22:17:41.600][DEBUG][Pier Flip Thread][SQ;MF;] Recovery mode invoked but sequence is flagged as aborted, aborting recovery…
[06/04/22 22:17:49.927][DEBUG][Sequence Thread][SQ;] Blocking Pier Flip: Failed to meridian flip, aborting sequence (True)
See Line 600 above
Thank you,

There are certain errors from which SGPro will not attempt a recovery. Generally, if an error is classified as “not likely to change over time”, then SGPro will typically abort the sequence. Specifically, if the sequence fails due to tolerance issues, since this is unlikely to yield a different result when re-attempted, the sequence aborts. I understand you are saying that you would believe that it might make a difference for you, so I’m just noting the “why”. Maybe increase the number of attempts? Seems like one more attempt might get you where you are going. It is not uncommon for a flip to introduce a significant error after a flip.

I will do 3 attempts with 75 pixels error tolerance. Will se how that goes.
Thank you, Ken.