Sequence Generator Pro 2.4.1 is Released for General Use

Sequence Generator Pro 2.4.1 is released for general use:

General features for SGPro 2.4 can be found here:

2.4.1 Features and Fixes:

  • Support for JNow mounts. The official equatorial system for SGPro remains as J2000 (including the Mosaic and Framing Wizard). This new support feature should correct many issues users of JNow mounts have been experiencing with proper centering and solving. You do not need to do anything, this is detected and translated internal to SGPro.
  • Added a safety feature that validates “in-sequence” plate solves are within an acceptable tolerance from the reported scope position (this will prevent bad scope syncs and possible damage to gear). If you are found to be out of tolerance, a warning dialog will be presented (and a notification sent to GNS or Email). You have the option to say that the solve is good and continue, or if you do nothing, the dialog will disappear in 10 minutes and the sequence will end (for safety).
  • Introduced auto focus “software binning” for DSLR cameras (Canon and Nikon users can now software bin AF frames anywhere from 1x1 to 4x4 in order to remove bayer matrix artifacts)
  • Fixed a bug where SGPro would not attempt to connect to the auto guider if “Dither” was not checked, but a settle time was defined.
  • Added retry behavior to connect to the PHD2 socket (more robust communication if the socket fails).
  • Added safety to ASCOM focuser move command that will block until the focuser reports it is done moving (SGPro might be asking the focuser to move too quickly after previous moves)
  • Added more safety to ASCOM focuser move retry command (There was a case where the sequence could lock if the focuser failed to move properly on the first attempt).
  • Fixing a bug where the HFR sample size could be 0 for sequences created with SGPro 2.3 (auto focus shows all 0 values for AF runs)
  • Renamed “Weather Station” to “Safety”. Other than the label, it will function exactly as it did before.
  • Loss of guide star in PHD2 will no longer trigger an unnecessary recovery if the star is lost just prior to a meridian flip or auto center.
  • Fixed ERR_DEVICE_BUSY issues with Canon cameras
  • Added support for Nikon D810, D750 and D5500.
  • Fixed an error that could sometimes occur during the initial connection attempt to PHD2 (on sequence start)
  • Fixed a bug that could sometimes cause Canon DSLR file name temperatures to read -500C
  • Fixed a bug that would always require use of an auto guider for meridian flips
  • Fixed a bug where the TEC cool down would start before the sequence starts when the sequence has a start delay.
  • Added POSANGLE FITS header (this is the actual positional angle of the camera rotator).
  • Fixed a bug where SGPro would try to apply temperature compensation to non-light frames.
  • Closing FlipFlat shutter for Darks and Bias.
  • Added move to top and bottom menu items to target context menu (fully functional)
  • Mosaic and Framing Wizard is now capable of entering the rotation angle manually (instead of being forced to use the slider)
  • Attempt to fix the “black bar” some folks experience in the main SGPro window

As always, you can find it here:

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