Sequence Generator Pro is Released for General Use

Sequence Generator Pro (32-bit and 64-bit) is Released for

Hello! Thanks for keeping SGPro up to date. This release on the stable branch is free of charge to owners of SGPro 4. The list below contains a brief description of all feature additions, changes and fixes in this version.

You can find it here:

Sequence Generator


  • A better message about why ASCOM offset cannot be used when an incompatible version of ASCOM platform is detected.
  • Adding PIERSIDE keyword to FITs header
  • ASCOM Gains and Offsets can now be selected when the camera is not connected (must have connected successfully at least one time for this to work).
  • ASCOM version is now logged and added to forum posts created via the SGPro issue reporting tool.
  • ASTAP as Auto Focus Metric Provider
  • Enabled version check and max eligible version for SGPro 4 (including beta)
  • Gain and Offset now in FITs headers
  • Left-Clicking the cog icon for event options shows the options dialog immediately, Right-Clicking the cog icon will show the context menu.
  • Logging when the camera temperature is reported to be within range at the start of a sequence.
  • You can now select ASTAP as the focus metrics provider for Auto Focus (ensure that you have the latest version of ASTAP installed).


  • Fixing ‘Alnitak Flatbox’ to use O instead of 0 (zeros). Added ‘Alnitak Flatbox Old’ for backwards compatibility with DIY flatboxes based on Arduino github project.


  • A condition where restart on safe could fail while awaiting user input.
  • A localization issue that could cause an invalid date format for DATE-OBS and DATE-LOC FITS headers.
  • Addressed issue with File Naming pattern when %co (Offset) was used.
  • Addressing connectivity check issues
  • Addressing connectivity check issues
  • Addressing issue where ASCOM 6.4 users were receiving an error about get_Offset.
  • Addressing issue with RA logging
  • An issue that would prevent the equipment profile manager from opening when the new switch cache was missing.
  • An issue that would prevent users with ASCOM versions 6.4 and below from connecting the camera (maybe fix).
  • An issue where ASCOM cameras that support gain, but not offset would not show available gains in the dropdown list.
  • An issue where Eagle devices would not be found. Note that this ‘fix’ is really just a new settings dialog that allows a user to manually specify the location (IP) of the Eagle (instead of attempting to auto-detect).
  • An issue where gear might disconnect prior to running end of sequence actions.
  • An issue where it was not possible to bypass the wait on TEC temperature when using ‘Cool on sequence start option’
  • An issue where some users could not open images from disk (SGPro would hang).
  • An issue where where auto focus may not be properly terminated during an unsafe condition.
  • An issue with ASCOM camera gain where a sequence may not save the value properly.
  • ASCOM Switch Devices will now temporarily disconnect in order to show their settings dialog.
  • Profile Manager crashing with switches present
  • Several ASCOM camera offset related bugs (including file naming issues).
  • SGPro should now allow ASCOM cameras to connect when ASCOM 6.5 is not installed.
  • SGPro will no longer warn a user about needing ASCOM 6.5 when user already has it.
  • SGPro will now properly rebuild the child switch list after SwitchDevice settings are altered.
  • Skipping target status check when manually slewing to target.