Sequence Generator Pro 4 is Released!

Sequence Generator Pro 4 is officially released for general use!

What’s New?

  • 64-bit Compatibility. SGPro is now compatible with all of your 64-bit drivers. Note that, in order to use 64-bit SGPro all of your equipment drivers must also be 64-bit. If even one is not, you’ll need to use 32-bit SGPro until the driver’s author updates it.
  • Support for ASCOM switches. Manually control any switches that you have added to your rig. In addition, you can set the state of your switches at the start and end of any sequence. More sequence events for switches will be coming soon.
  • Support for switches and power aboard the PrimaLuce Eagle. As with the ASCOM switches you can also set the state and level of power manually or at sequence start / end.
  • Support for “offset” in ASCOM Cameras. Offset has been available in SGPro for a while, but SGPro 4 now enables this feature for ASCOM.
  • Official support for ASTAP (plate solving) for both plate solving and as a Half Flux Diameter metrics provider for Auto Focus.
  • SGPro 4 makes it easier to ask for help. Use the new problem reporting tool to automatically submit a help request with the required logs we’ll need to help.
  • Lots of small bug fixes for a more stable experience.

For more info, see here.


Is SGPro 4 a paid update?

In a way, yes. SGPro now implements a maintenance plan (approx $59 USD per year) that will always allow you to update SGPro to the latest version.

Do I have to pay more money to keep using SGPro?

No. If you are happy with SGPro as you have been using it, you can use it like that forever at no additional cost. Even if you upgrade to SGPro 4 with a maintenance plan and then choose to never renew it, you’ll be able to use the latest version of SGPro available when your annual maintenance plan expires.

I already bought a maintenance plan when SGPro 4 was still beta. Did I waste my money?

No! If you purchased a maintenance plan prior to the release of SGPro 4, we have reset your plan’s expiration date to one year from today. We want you to have access to a full year’s worth of upgrades for SGPro 4.

So none of these?

Not in the initial release. But just like we did for 3.x we’ll be adding to it in the coming months. We needed the major changes (64bit, switches, etc) to be stable before we start adding more into it.


Ken and Jared,

Congratulations! This is a big milestone.

I had one question regarding the expiration date of the maintenance account. I had signed up immediately after the original announcement and i see the expiration date still in September 2021. Is there something I need to do to update the expiration date?



No, those should have been updated from a year from the release date. I’ll double check with @ken to make sure the script ran successfully.


Those dates should be fixed now. Was a cache error on our side.


Yes, it worked. Thank you!


Hi to all the team!
Nice to get the version 4 .
But in the events settings I can aim the gain but not the offset: I only have choice between « Not set » and « NA »…
Maybe missing something…
I have a ASI2600 MM with the ASCOM driver
Have a nice day.

Make sure to update your ASCOM and ZWO drivers. You’ll also need your camera connected to populate those values.


Hi Jared.
I just tried with everything connected and, in the camera settings, I had Gain 100, Offset 50 and USB Limit 50.
But in the events settings I only can aim the gain. Not the offset.
I have the native ZWO ASI driver v 3.16 (using it only with the guide camera in PHD2).
The ASCOM driver v6.5.1.8 (the latest) for my ASI2600MM in SGP.
And using ASCOM 6.5 SP1.

Probably best to create a support request with logs so we can take a look. You can find that in the Help Menu of SGP.


I should have good weather tomorrow and I will retry and send you the log if I have the same issue.

Hi, I just load the new version, and I can connect to the equipment exct for the FLI atlas focuser ‘Error connecting to FLI ASCOM Focuser’ Retrieving the COM class factory for component with CLSID’.

That’s generally an indication that the ASCOM driver and the “bitness” of the application are not compatible.

You can try switching to the other bitness variant of SGP and see if that resolve the issue or see if there is a driver that matches the variant you’re using. Or we have native support for FLI drivers, you can also use the native driver assuming it supports the focuser model you have.