Sequence stops prematurely

Hi, Running ok last night just like any other night, started PHD, slewed to target, plate solved, calibrated PHD then…sequence completed. What’s happening, no images at all. Have I missed something.
Please help,
Kind regards,

What do the logs show ?? its a bit difficult to fault find without some inf…

Oh dear, sorry about this but although I’ve had SGpro for a few years, I’ve never needed to look for the logs, where are they???


should be here: C:\Users\YOURUSERNAME\AppData\Local\SequenceGenerator

Ah, there’s no SequenceGenerator in the Local file, hmmm!!!

you may need to un-hide the folders under AppData, to see the folders/files and which versions of Windows & SGPro are you running ??

Both ticked and unticked hidden items, still nothing. I’m running version with windows 10.

you are looking for a file named sg_logfiles_DATETIME.log

On a separate note, personally I’d recommend that you update SGPro to version (

Nope, no file by that name. Guess I’ll just try again tonight and hope for the best.
Thanks anyway

If you go to the Help menu in SGP there is a link to the logs folder there.


Ah, yes, found it. It was in a different users file. What information is needed??? Please excuse me but it all looks like gobblygook to me.

Here’s a good guide on reporting issues so we can help: