Sequencer Abort due Excessive Settling Time

I am experiencing the sequencer aborting due long settling times.
My mount does not require a lot of guide corrections. I use 10 second intervals between guide shots and would like to go to 15. This frequently aids in getting fainter guide stars with an OAG at longer FLs.
Settling takes way too long at these intervals even when upping the settling distance to 0.5 or even higher pixels.
I am not sure how to handle this matter. Neither using very short guide intervals nor large settling distances seems ideal. Aborts are intolerable though.
At my preferred settings, 10-15 secs and 0.3 px, I can not trust SGP not to abort the sequence when running unattended.


SGPro aborts if it cannot settle in a 3 minute time period. How long does
your mount typically take to settle? Btw, it sounds like you are not
running with recovery mode on. Sounds like you might benefit from that
since you find SGPro’s current behavior intolerable.

Thanks Ken.

I was unaware of the recovery option.
How long it takes the mount to settle seems quite variable and depends. With 10-15 second guide exposures, and a small settling distance, of course it can be quite a long time.
Recently I have taken to manually intervening to select a short duration interval in PHD2 while settling and reverting to 10-15 secs after the next exposure commences.
Wouldn’t work with a really faint guide star though. The long durations can be very helpful with a long FL and an OAG when brighter guide stars may not be available.