Sequencer window not expanding

In build maintenance release to while running window7pro on my MacBookAir in Bootcamp my View Sequencer window will not expand horizontally and I cannot use the controls. This same version works on a 12" TabletKiosk computer.


Ya… an unfortunate “known issue”. By “known” I mean that we are aware some people that use Windows scaling see this, but unaware of how to reproduce it in order to apply a fix.

I too see this problem, works fine on my home laptop, Windows 10 Home version. But the sequencer window on the right side is chopped off on the laptop at the mount, Windows XP pro.

No reply needed.

Maybe I can rescale or slave the monitor or use duet on my iPad. If not will have to revert.

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So… this is shot in the dark. I have no idea if the change in this build will have any impact on the scaling issue reported, but if somebody able to reproduce the issue reliably were able to download and replace their “Sequence Generator.exe” file with the one in this zip folder and check if it does anything, it will, at least be one thing to check off the list. Please note that this is not an installer… the EXE should be used to replace the exe from your existing SGPro install.

Darn. I could try this when I get back. I’m in Colorado for a week then back to the observatory……

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Another shot in the dark…

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