SG can not connect to NikonD850


just downloaded the demo of the SG and trying to connect it to Nikon D850 with no success. For some strange reasons it can not connect to d850 camera. Cable is checked yes because prior testing SG connection to D850 I opened the Astro Photography Tool and it connected instantly to the D850 with no issues at all…

Any suggestions ?

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A log would be helpful:

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(Attachment sg_logfile_20200818161745.log is missing)

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Logs cannot be attached via email. Please see the link above for info.


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hm when I try to attach the log file I got the message:

Sorry, the file you are trying to upload is not authorized (authorized extensions: jpg, jpeg, png, gif).

you can download the log file from this link:

Unfortunately that log just shows SGP starting up and nothing else. Here’s the best way to go about this:

1 - Open SGP
2 - Attempt to connect your Nikon a couple of times
3 - In SGP go to Help >> Report A Problem
4 - Select Current Session for the logs and click OK.

That will create a post that you can add to with your logs attached.

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Hi again Jared,

thank you for quick response!
Please use this link to download new generated log file as well as a screen shot which I tok just now.
I did exactly how you described it so the log file should be fine now.

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Excellent, that one works. Thank you!

If you attempt connecting 2 or 3 times I’m guessing you have similar results? Is the camera in Bulb or Manual and the internal storage card is removed?


very well, thank you.

I tried 3 times as far as I remember and the same result all the time also same screen shot as well for all 3 retries… Camera is in M (Manual mode) and both primary XQD car and secondary SD card are inserted and ready for use… as mentioned earlier I tried first in Astro Photography Tool and it connected instantly and I have not changed anything on the d850 itself while I tested it on SG…

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Ok, thank you for the information. I’ll have to look into this a little deeper.


no prob, thank you!


Just a quick note looking at this. I noticed Jared mentioned removing SD Card but Amel replied that it was inserted for the test.

I was having similar (intermittent though) problems som months back getting my D7500 to connect. It almost seemed as if - if SGPro failed to connect once (because, say, the camera was off, or lead disconnected or something) then it would NEVER connect until a computer reboot - even though other apps would find it. I did at one point delete all previous (unused) SerialCOMPorts from the Control panel and it maybe seemed to help. These days I always try to remember to have the camera on and connected before first trying to connect and, fingers crossed, I don’t seem to have had the problem recently.

Hi, referring back to an earlier discussion in post

I can confirm that I have had quite some problems to connect SGP to my D800 (and also to a D850 I have at hand). My problem description is the same as yours above, i.e. the Nikon connect problem seems to be consistent for at least Nikon D850, D800 and D7500.

For the moment, with SGP, I would say that the D800 never connects at first attempt from SGP. However, by restarting SGP with camera on and “USB-connected” after the first attempt, I am normally available to connect by the second attempt. Until a more stable driver for Nikon cameras has been included in SGP, I can therefore only recommend you to repeat yor connection attempts after restart of SGP, the camera or the entire PC.