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Still no luck on the scaling/truncation issue. Same result as recent previous versions

Do you have the last known version of SGP that didn’t have that issue that you could make available for download?


I am not sure. We don’t archive or provide old builds because we don’t have the resources or time to support them. Because it presents itself to only a small portion of users, I am honestly not even sure what that version would be. If we have it I can provide it, we just can’t support any issues reported from it.

But… I had another idea. See what this one does:

Ok, good progress. corrected the following:

  1. The Add Event and Run buttons have been restored although they are not entirely correctly displayed.
  2. The Equipment drop-downs and settings buttons are completely and properly displayed
  3. The Delay and Ordering Options are almost fully displayed (slight truncation)
  4. Only major issue is the Event progress bars are still severely truncated.

I’m uploading a screen shot to show you what you’ve done.

Hope this helps. Thanks.

I am running SGP v2.6.0.18 with Windows 10 Pro 64bit and don’t have any of the graphics issues previously mentioned. This looks like an issue with older versions of Windows.



  1. Also, the column headings aren’t aligning with the actual events columns
  2. The window height downward stretch is back from

Thanks for the feedback. Not sure what this means:

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