SGP very very slow speed on event table loading time

Updated just now. find some issues.

  1. From the first when first opened, I’ve got some alart which I can’t understand well. please see the log.

  2. When opend saved sgf file that last year I used, I noticed very very slow loading time.

  3. In some time, SGP freezed. must do close with task manager.

Link to Logs

Useful Info

OS: Microsoft Windows 10 Pro
Ver: (64-bit)
.NET: 4.8

Can you tell me what the last version of SGPro you had installed that did not behave in this way?

Just fyi I was also seeing weirdness in loading the event table when trying to also load the “corrupted” sequence files described in other threads. Once I corrected those sequence files I no longer see delays and/or non-changing events tables as I switch between sequences.

Is the alert you mention above the same one described here?

I think there are actually 2 different issues contributing to this behavior and that is one of them. The other has to do with a general failure to calculate transit data for a target and infinitely re-attempting. In any case, beta 759 will be available in about 20 min and I think it will address both.

  1. on this PC will not happen these of issues.
    one of the installed PC of mine.

Is the alert you mention above the same one described here?

Yes, exactly. though, I ignored the alert.

@Hiromu please install Beta 759.

Installed 759.

I measured the speed with iPhone. PC: i7 2.8GHz 16G memory 500GSSD win10 64

  1. default opening time: 20sec
  2. loading sgf file with 18 targets: 40sec, crashed one time

It’s the average of 3 times trial.
I felt not so fast and comfortable. though seems not to freeze this time.

erased 759, instead installed 474.

Default opening time was came back about 12sec.
though, I could not load the all files which I made last year.
and appears the alert that saying JSON matter.
so, I must back to the sluggish 759.

@Hiromu Can you provide the sequence you are using for these time trials? We can take a look.

p.s. we are pretty reasonable over here and you’ll find that working with us will yield far better results than attacking us for every perceived issue. We’ll get it figured out.

Installed 760

though, can’t use it. because, it never opened with my sgp files which seems no problem with 759 except slow loading times. so, I deleted 760 to back to759 and select new session.

then installed 760 again, and could opened new without trouble. next I tried saved sgf files. Again waited so long till 12 minutes, though vain. back to 759 agin, I report here.

I attached recent log files which may have some hints.

some questions.

  1. framing picture which display as platesolve condition, how to delete which is not used? I can’t delete the picture no more used as modified. I can delete it only as not display, though data still remain somewhere in the file. seems these of not used file have the heavy load for the opening session.

  2. Can I start new session if last session had opening trouble? I must do same routine with any BATA program which will load last sgf files endless. I set SGP as load last file in the option setting. Though if these happens, no more method to uninstall and re-install old BETA.

Link to Logs

Useful Info

OS: Microsoft Windows 10 Pro
Ver: (64-bit)
.NET: 4.8

Here’s the file which I used for time trial.

I make one session files in a one season which intended to adding the target with same equipment.
I select several targets from this list table that can see in my back yard. Though, some targets did not had only a chance as the climate condition or some, it will be kept brank in the progress table, maybe till next years.

About for new file opening time, 760 recorded about 7sec. Much more faster than 758.
Though anyway,
Must I make new sgf files from the first for 760 this year?

Unsure what you are asking here. There is no need to make new sequence files for anything in 4.1. All sequences ever created should be compatible with SGPro 4.1. If you are referring to the error opening a sequence in beta 758, then no, beta 759 and later will automatically repair those sequences during the open process.

Why my previous sgf file did not open in 760?
Please teach me how to delate plate solve picture which no longer used.
Can I open new file after opening trouble without not to delete existing Beta program?

The sequence you attached above does not open with beta 760? I opened that sequence in 760 and SGPro quickly consumed more memory than Windows had to give. Like with any application that can open documents, it can cause the OS to run low on memory. In this case, I would use the link below to clean the sequence of unused files.

I will make a change here that will only attempt to automatically open the last 3 images.

As a final note, if these sequence images are of no use to you, you dont need to attach them to the sequence. When you create the sequence from MFW, make sure that the option to associate the working image with the sequence is not checked.

A final note… I did find another issue with your sequence in that the limiter for image history has been broken for a while and your sequence was allowed to collect a very large number of history items. Beta 761 will automatically cull older entries and the limiter has been fixed. This caused an extremely sequence load time to be very slow (I think this is why your load was slow).

Thank you, I did not notice the control panel that allow to show.
Most of the time, framing image will be modified in several try. I thought that should be selectable and can be delete unneeded images, though I could not find.

I can’t know why my PC failed to load except older BETA. I expect 761 solved it.

beta 761 is available.

I installed 765 today.

before this, I uninstalled BETA SGP with all files remained in the APP folder except APM , UCAC3,
and deactivate my current PC. It seemed that backup files or some config files had trouble, I wanted to refresh to brand new one.

So, new 765 seems fine. Very fast loading and very fast response.
I hope SGP keeping stable functions.

Thank you for your efforts.


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