SGP - Pegasus UPBv2 Switches issue

Hi SGP support
When launching SGP (latest beta), the following dialog box shows up:


The equipment profile manager then displays like this:

Pegasus Unity is up and running, the UPBv2 is properly initialized from there, before launching SGP.

Am I doing anything wrong?


PS: I confirm that it works well with other competing platforms, no names here :wink:

There is a more up to date driver from Pegasus that does not emit UI messages when a failure occurs. SGPro just uses a different connection strategy approach, but this message would absolutely occur in NINA or anything else in the right circumstances (until the new Pegasus driver is installed).

In terms of the empty switches grid, can you attach logs when this happens? Not sure why that happens. We make getting logs to us very easy. More details here:

Actually, never mind about the logs. I found the issue with the blank switch set in the profile manager and have fixed that. Please still update your driver to get rid of the the other issue.

Hi Ken
Unity seems up to date - no update that I could find from the program itself (running Release Version : I nonetheless downloaded it from the Pegasus web site and reinstalled it, to stay on the safe side.

I also updated SGP just now.

  • I still face the Lost connection to Powerbox error message when launching SGP.
  • I now can navigate to Control Panel > Switches, and the dialog box now does display the pegasus powerbox switch
  • but, when clicking the Connect button for the Powerbox switch, the error message pops up again

See below.

People seem to have trouble finding the new Pegasus driver and I’m not really sure, but the general sequence of events seems to be:

  • I get this message pop up
  • You need to get up to date driver
  • I already have up to date driver
  • Oh wait, it wasn’t clear to me how to get the new driver, but I found it and now all is well.

I’ll see if we can finally figure out how to resolve this and why folks seem to have trouble here.

By all accounts, these seem to be the drivers you need :

Hi Ken, this is exactly what I did, as indicated in my previous post.
I even uninstalled the version I had on my PC, and installed this one, to avoid any doubts.

In that case, I am out of ideas for this. We are certain that this has been removed from the driver though. If it persists, we’d need to get help from Pegasus to resolve.

Hi Ken
I believe I have found the issue: I ran an ASCOM diag on the switch device: apparently it reads the “old” UPBv2 driver by default, not the new “Unity” one. SGP doen’t list the new one in the Switches Profile section.


EDIT: I managed removing the legacy UPBv2 drivers. The error dialog box has now disappeared. But SGP doesn’t see the new “Unity” switch drivers…

The “competiton” finds it correctly:


Any hint?

Thanks in advance.

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You are welcome to use any names you like on this forum as long as you are not disparaging them in any way.

I don’t know how others enumerate the ASCOM devices installed, but we simply use the recommended method. We literally just ask ASCOM what switches are installed and use that list.

BUT… I don’t personally have a Pegasus Power box so it’s not entirely clear what you modified within ASCOM. In the screenshot you posted for SGPro, is that not what you are looking for? If you didn’t change the name of the profile, but rather, only changed the the driver its pointing to, then wouldn’t this be the expected result?

SGPro recognizes that there is some kind of Pegasus on your system. How are you determining that it’s not the correct one?

Hi Ken,

Thanks for your attention on this weird software behavior. I’m afraid I don’t have all answers, to be honest.

To provide some context, I alwas used the standard ASCOM UPB software/drivers. Lately, Pegasus moved to a new approach by releasing “Unity,” which provides a single “unified” ASCOM driver for all their products, and is their recommended approach going forward. The previous drivers are “deprecated” now, as stated on their web site. All fine.

I therefore downloaded and ran the Unity installation program, and removed the legacy software/drivers.
This is the state from the days before, when I started this discussion.

This morning, I decided to clean up everything:

  1. removed/uninstalled Unity
  2. reinstalled the legacy UPB drivers
  3. rebooted, to stay on the safe side.
  4. confirmed Nina was seeing the switches correctly
  5. updated SGPro to the latest version published today

Now, when starting SGPro and navigating to the equipment profile selection, I get this message:

The equipment profle displays this (note the “Installed on this System” label);

The control panel displays this:


The ASCOM profile explorer, Switch Drivers, displays this:

I’m lost!

Ok. Well, something about the current state of your ASCOM profiles is not agreeing with how SGPro attempts to initialize switches. I am not sure what it is, but logs will tell us and if you send them, I’ll take a look.