Sgp api guider and phd2

Hi i use an sbig stt8300 m and fw with guidecam integrated in front of filters. I have used it with phd2 before successfully, but now although it seems to connect to the api guider in phd2, phd complains that the camera is not connected and won’t capture.

Any help greatly appreciated.

The STT8300 needs to be connected to SGP first. Also in the SGP settings menu for your camera make sure you have the correct guide chip selected (I believe this is normally ‘External’ however SBIG changed some things a while back)


Yes, this is the most common cause of this message since the default is “none”, as I recall… Also be aware that this does not save with the sequence or profile at this time so if you change it for any reason, you will need to manually change it back, even if you are using a prior sequence where it was set to internal.

Basically, it stays where you set it until you change it, regardless of what it was for any given sequence or profile and new SGP installs default to “none”…