SGP API Guider - can't connect

Hi ,

I have issue connecting SGP API Guider in PHD2 , I have selected internal chip in SGP on SBIG Camera connect to it but when I try to connect SGP API Guider in PHD2 I have this error

22:28:46.897 00.005 7204 Throw from C:\cygwin\home\agalasso\projects\phd2\gear_dialog.cpp:1093->DoConnectCamera: connect failed
22:28:46.899 00.002 7204 Status Line: Camera Connect Failed
22:28:47.045 00.146 7204 gear_dialog: OnButtonConnectCamera
22:28:47.046 00.001 7204 gear_dialog: DoConnectCamera [SGP API Guider (ASCOM)]
22:28:47.047 00.001 7204 Status Line: Connecting to Camera …
22:28:47.050 00.003 7204 GetString(“/profile/3/cam_hash/1786d34d/whichCamera”, “”) returns “”
22:28:47.052 00.002 7204 Connecting to camera [SGP API Guider (ASCOM)] id =
22:28:47.055 00.003 3004 putprop: [80020009] Exception occurred.
22:28:47.087 00.032 7204 Alert: ASCOM driver problem: Connect:
(ASCOM.SGP_API_Guider.Camera) Device is not connected

What I’m doing wrong ?

Best Regards

What SBIG camera are you using? You may try using the Remote Guide Head option in SGP as well.


Im using STL 6303E camera . I try and it is also not working .

Can you attach your SGP log:


Also to make sure the API is up and accessible can browse to this URL and let me know what it says:



This is reply : {“IsConnected”:true,“HasShutter”:true,“xSize”:657,“ySize”:495}

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Well that’s good. That likely means that things are working on the SGP side. Can you enable the logging in the SGP API Guider and also verify the API Address is correct? I assume you’re accessing it from the same machine?



Yes, it is same machine. Adress is correct. Where I can find logs for API ? I have enabled them.

They should show up in your Documents folder, prefixed with SGPApiGuider


Ok, got it :

Caught exception while attempting to connect to SGP: Could not load file or assembly ‘Newtonsoft.Json, Version=, Culture=neutral, PublicKeyToken=30ad4fe6b2a6aeed’ or one of its dependencies. The system cannot find the file specified.

That seems odd as that should be packaged with the API Guider. Try uninstalling and reinstalling the guider and rebooting the machine.

Have you had it working previously?