SGPro 2.4.1 scope is locked (prepping for release)

Just a quick update on the 2.4.1 beta. The feature scope for this maintenance release has been locked… if any new betas arrive they will provide only bug fixes. One of the major issues tackled for 2.4.1 was stabilizing initial connectivity between SGPro and PHD2. Haven’t heard any complaints since so that might finally be addressed (or not… please let us know if you see weird behavior).

Anyhow… if you’d like the 2.4.1 summary, you can see it here:

Been perpetual clouds here, so haven’t been able to do a proper test on the PHD initial connection. Did try it once through a crack in the clouds and it seemed to work fine, but only got the one chance, but seems promising.

Thanks for all you do.


I also chimed in on that previous thread, but unfortunately, I haven’t been able to test, either. I hope that the “no news is good news” adage proves to be true!