SGPro 4.4 Release and General Maintenance

I think SGPro 4.4 is ready to go and I’m targeting a release this weekend. The purpose of this post is just to note that we love to add awesome new features (and we will continue to do so), BUT, every once in a while, we need to stop and focus on a bunch of smaller things (non-critical bugs, various user requests). When we are focusing on bigger features, these things tend to pile up and, as such, the first few releases after the initial release of 4.4 will all be focused on maintenance and small features.

We appreciate your input for these types of things and, if you want your 2 cents (input) with respect to these maintenance releases, please add here:

SGPro 4.4 Backlog - Our Thoughts and Request for Community Input - Sequence Generator - Main Sequence Software (


Ok… I still think 4.4. is ready to go, but I totally spaced on new documentation. Doing that now…


Despite seeing stagnant, this is coming along nicely. SGPro 4.4 is essentially a complete overhaul of the Plate Solving System and requires extensive changes to documentation (including things that should have already been documented, but weren’t). Almost done here.