SGPro v and Nikon D750


I noticed the SGP is supposed to be able to control a Nikon D750, and in researching prior comments it looks like it does. And according to what I have read in previous posts there is nothing one needs to do other than connect the camera in the appropriate window when on Bulb setting.

I set the camera up in an equipment profile, then when I try to connect the camera, SGP’s cursor spins for a minute or so, then SGP simply crashes and quits. No message, no nothing… just zip and it’s gone. I set up a basic config - camera connected directly to my laptop I am hoping it is a simple user error. I am also a moron… I have a log file but the upload button doesn’t “see” it to upload.


Type removing the 2 SD cards.


Hi Roger

Thank you for the tip, but there are no SD cards installed in my camera.


Hi there,

If you send us the log, we’ll try to help… Further guidance on log submission is here:

How to Submit Logs in SGPro - Sequence Generator / SGPro Support - Main Sequence Software (

This thread can be deleted - I reported properly through the app with log file
Thank you