SGPro vs CCD Autopilot


I’m currently thinking about buying SGPro. But I’m not sure if it’s the right fit for my setup and if it’s compared to CCD Autopilot worth spending the money. Like most of you, I have spent much money buying different software over the last few years.

It would be great if someone could share the advantages and/or disadvantages of SGPro and CCD Autopilot.

My setup is an ASA DDM 85XL on a bend pier, a dome controlled by Astrometric and ZWO CCD.
Any known issues with this setup? :slight_smile:

Thank you all.

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SGPro is more comparable to CCD Autopilot Pro (rather than basic), but has a vast number of features that are absent in CCD AutoPilot at half the price. SGPro does offer a subscription in order to continue receiving updates after the first year, but it is 100% optional. Once you buy SGPro you can use it for life. In addition, we offer a 45 day trial, plus unconditional refunds within the first 30 days. If you have trouble, we’ll try to help.

I’m not sure exactly how to answer this… this list will be different for different users, but if you have specific questions, we’ll be more than happy to answer them.

Here is SGPro’s general feature set:

SGPro – Sequence Generator Pro

Here is SGPro Mosaic and Framing Wizard:

Mosaic and Framing Wizard – Sequence Generator Pro

Here is a list style view of SGPro features:

SG Comparisons – Sequence Generator Pro

Here is a list of new things in SGPro 4.2 and 4.3:

SGP v3 v v4

You may find some oir most of these things useful or you may not… depends on your workflow mostly.

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Hi Ken,

seems that also CCD Autopilot has changed to a subscription to work with the 64-bit version of The Sky X. I’m fine with paying a yearly fee to get updates and support.

I have a not so technical addicted colleague on the team and therefore I’m looking for a way to make remote imaging sessions for him as easy as possible :slight_smile:

Here are some concrete questions:

Is SGPro working with the following programs:

  • MaximDL
  • The Sky X Prof. 64bit.
  • AutoSlew and Sequenz from ASA
  • Primaluce Essato robotic focuser
  • Microtouch Focuser
  • Dome control from Astrometric
  • Lunatico Clouldwatcher?

Due to a technical problem, our control PC is currently at the HP support, so I can’t test SGPro. but will definitely do it when it’s back. Trying to get as much information as possible, so not to lose more time or clear nights.

@Ken, I have another question about a feature I haven’t found yet. Is it possible to use more than one camera simultaneously for imaging? Let’s say acquiring images through the RC and the APO and doing going at the guiding at the same time?


No, SGPro is a complete replacement for applications like MaximDL

This is a multi-faceted application. SGPro works with the part of it that provides access to Paramount mounts and, wrt to the planetarium provides copy paste functionality in order to more easily facilitate the creation of capture targets in SGPro.

I’m not sure what these are honestly, but I’m willing to be that they are not needed and SGPro covers everything they do.

Yes, SGPro is compatible with all things PL (anything with ASCOM drivers)


I think so. As long as there is an ASCOM driver avaiable

Yes. SGPro supports the ASCOM ISafetyMonitor contract and it can be used to automatically notify users on unsafe conditions, automatically shut down and protect gear and then automatically restart on safe conditions.

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@Ken is it possible to image with more than one camera at the same time?

Many people do indeed use SGPro for multi-camera imaging sessions. They do this with 2 instances of SGPro open at the same time and then by making one of those instances the “master” responsible for shared resources. We have plans to add formal support for this, but, at least the (very alpha) implementation we have right now, really just does the same thing I just described, but makes it slightly easier to coordinate shared tasks like dithering, etc.