Strange happenings with filter focus positions

Hello again.

I am relatively new in this game with 4 years experience which I recognise is very little really. Along with very limited clear skies opporunity.

So every now and then I like to take another step. The current step was setting up the focus positions for my filters. I read the sgp help file shile it was daytime/ cloudy/ raining and I thought i had it sussed out. Here’s what happened though - am I doing something wrong?

My microtouch indicated 18253 for focus for the lum filter. So I opened the filter dialog from CP and entered that value. I then changed to R filter and ran autofocus again. It gave me 18246 so I put that into the dialog and closed it. Tried to change to green filter and run autofocus but It took ages to change. When I looked at the cp dialog it was moving the focus position - which is why it wouldn’t change I guess. It moved it to 60000 which is how shall I say ’ not anywhere near focus’

so I have had to scrap this as I am obviously doing something wrong.
any help appreciated.


Changing focus position when your filters are not parfocal is an all or nothing proposition. You cannot enter focus positions just for a couple chosen filters (I just added protection for “0” values). That said, I would expect SGPro to rack the focuser in so we would need to see logs.

ok no prob, I’ll put them all in and try again

thanks for help

In the 2.4.3 build you won’t need to (you still should though). If it finds a zero value, instead of moving a ludicrous distance like 18,000 steps because one of them was left at 0, it will do nothing.