STT8300 Self Guiding Filter Wheel+SGP+PHD

Hi, I hope this is the right forum to post this…

I have been using SGP quite successfully with my QHY268M camera setup, so I thought I would give a try with my older STT8300M+Self-guiding filter wheel.

  1. I have no problem connecting the camera and filterwheel in SGP
  2. I can connect to the guider in the filter wheel in PHD so long as I have not connected the camera plus filter wheel in SGP.
  3. If the camera+filterwheel are connected in SGP, then the guider will not connect in PHD.
  4. SBIG gives an error code 1.

I have tried defining the guider within the camera settings a “internal”, “external”, and “none” and the results are all the same.

I am running the latest version of SGP and ASCOM and PHD.

Thanks in advance

@fdibbell We’re more than happy to take a look at the log files for you to see if there are any clues…

Please see here for guidance: About the SGPro Support category

Hi Ken

Thank you I will go to the Report a Problem menu in SGP and attach the log files for you.

Thanks much

Apologies. I think I misunderstood the issue you are having. But… just for the sake of clarity, I think you are saying that you are unable to use the onboard SBIG guide camera in PHD2 when SGPro is connected to the main camera? Is that right or am I still not understanding. If that is the issue, we have guidance for that… let us know.

Hi Ken

Yes that is the case. The onboard guide camera (within the filterwheel) will not connect to PHD when SGP is connected to the main camera. No apologies necessary - I appreciate you reaching out for clarity. I am not the world’s best communicator!

Thank you so much

@fdibbell Ok, sure. The problem here is that the SBIG camera (and almost all cameras) only allow for a single connection. In this case, the main and guide CCDs are not considered as separate cameras and a single connection controls both. To allow for the use of the guide camera by an application the is not SGPro (e.g. PHD2) you will want to connect the camera in SGPro as normal and then, for PHD2 you will need to install and download a special ASCOM driver we wrote and use this as the camera for PHD2. This special ASCOM driver will not attempt to communicate with the camera, but instead, it will talk to SGPro which will, in turn, proxy requests to the guide camera (to which SGPro holds the single and only connection). PHD2 doesn’t care… it just wants data.

The driver you need is called SGPro API Guider on our download page:

Here is a direct link:

Thank you Ken - I will give this a try tonight!

Hi Ken

Just to followup - I download and installed the SGPro API Guider driver, and it worked. I can now connect to the guider in the self-guiding filterwheel while the main camera (STT8300) is connected to SGPro.

I also downloaded the Pegasus Powerbox driver - my next project is to get that working with SGPro :slight_smile:

Thank you so much for your assistance

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Are you using SGP or the old ? I am using 3.2 and when I connect the API Guider Ascom driver it does say ‘‘connected’’ but i get an error message when I click to see the stars. Anyone could help?


I am using the latest 64 bit version.