Target slew incorrect?

Hello all, I have been building an observatory with dome and now doing daytime testing with SGP.
I have disabled PHD2, created a sequence for M31 so that I can track it across the sky with scope and dome. Unfortunately, when I initialise my mount on the west horizon using the sitech controller, I get different results from slews if I use sitech and SGP. If I slew to m31 with sitech it arrives at roughly the correct place (just east of south when I did this at 13.30 uk time). If I use the framing and mosaic wizard to target m31, create the sequence from the target dialog, click slewto, the mount slews a large distance away (about NW with scope pointing below the horizon a bit). I don’t know enough about this to understand what might be going on. Any help appreciated.

I can’t be sure, but what you are describing makes me think that the mount has an inaccurate initial sync.

Thanks for the reply Ken. I’ve powered it all down and will try again today with the same init (cwd down, scope tube horiz and pointing west). I just couldn’t understand why cartes du ciel would slew the scope to approx the right place, but sgp moved it elsewhere. I’ll report back.