Version 4 feature requests

1- The ability to tail the notifications log in the Notification display window so the most recent is on top. Currently you have to scroll down for the most recent entries and by nights end it can get lengthy.
2- Add a polar alignment routine similar to the one in SharpCap Pro.
3- Add additional filter wheel color choices for filters outside of the basic RGB (ex: Ha, OIII, SII & Hb)
4- ‘End of Sequence’ notification for email and/or text. This would be for peace of mind for sessions that run event free otherwise.

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Can you please consider adding an aberration preview showing the center and corners of the current image window? Reference the PI Script AberrationInspector.



1- Me, too.

I would like:

  1. star exccentricity analysis in image history
  2. better image history
  3. time based progress per event (additional to subframe count)
  4. other requests I have done in the past


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New improvement request:

  1. add the possibility to mark more than one image as BAD simultaneously. Now each image has to be marked individually, its very annoying when there are a lot images to mark


I would like to remind you of my suggestions to the planning tool. Any chanse that this will happen in ver. 4.

Histogram Stretch Enhancement (Bug Fix?)

I use this feature a lot, especially when trying to align my scope to the light panel on the wall to ensure it is correctly centered.

The problem is the sliders on the Histogram are far too sensitive to be easily useable, the slightest movement of the mouse makes a big difference to the stretch.

Could this be fixed to make it easier to use?

Something along the lines of the Screen Transfer Function in PixInsight which allows the slider to be zoomed in or out to adjust sensitivity.

I have a short video here showing the issue.

Add Event - Copy From Drop Down Not Working (I cant find a category for logging bugs?)

When I right click the Large “Add Event” button at the bottom of the events panel there is an option to “Copy From” but it doesn’t work.

The work around is to just add a new event and then right click the new event and select the Copy From option there. This works fine but adds an extra step.


Did you mean to post those requests here? Maybe you were looking for the most recent thread for requests? Just dont want them to get lost.

Hi Ken,
Apologies if I put them In the wrong place, I would like to put them forward as requests.