Promoting Gain to the Event Table

Something we’ve been meaning to do for a while. For the most part a camera’s gain setting for CCDs is a set it and forget it kind of thing… This seems less true for CMOS cameras (which are becoming increasingly popular). With CMOS, we see a lot more folks adjusting camera gain, per event, for various reasons. SGPro has supported per-event gain settings for a long time now, but they have always been a little buried in the event’s option dialog. Now, SGPro will promote per-event gain to the main event table in the sequencer. This will be a nice quality of life change for those that require this type of flexibility.

Because real-estate is at a premium on the event table, we have made the decision to demote Event Suffixes down to the event options dialog (no changes in functionality). Event suffixes are used by almost no one so the swap makes sense.

Not a big thing… just a note. Currently, this is not in 4.3 but we might put it in there…



Good change! Not sure how you determine that few people use suffix though. I use it all the time so I can include info in the filename spec, but have no idea how many others use it.

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I guess I am an “almost no one”. I use the Suffix column as a note to indicate how many more images of each filter to take.
Would it be possible to allow the user to determine if the Gain or Suffix column appears, and hence which column goes in the event options dialog?

The ultimate would be to allow users full control over which columns appear. For example, I always use 1x1 bin so don’t need to see that column.

Same here, I always shoot in 1x1 and would be appreciate being able to decide what columns are visible. I also use the suffix all the time. In my case, it helps me manage flats/lights matching in PixInsight usings its WBPP Grouping by Keywords ability. So for my suffix I use “Group1” until I change setups then in increments to Group2, etc… All my lights and flats are then matched and processed easily all at once.

For things like this SGPro submits wholly anonymous metrics to a service we pay for… It is absolutely still used, it’s just less popular than the gain setting.

Possibly, but definitely not for 4.3. We need to focus on its release and can’t keep feature creeping the beta. Also, note that this change is also not yet in 4.3… still debating its inclusion.

In all honesty, I hate the current events table and would like to blow it up and replace it with something much more flexible.


Hi Ken,

I requested a related feature back in Dec 2021 - Add Camera Mode to FITS Header .

A couple of thoughts,

I use Suffix all the time to ensure I can easily identify subs from the file name, perhaps there is another way to do this but moving Suffix off the main page will be a pain. I would rather see the Mode/Gain in the options as this is used less often.

As described in the above request, some cameras use Mode in association with Gain. So adding gain to the events without Mode doesn’t help, they need to be set together.

Hope this is possible. I was trying to test best settings for unsaturated stars last week and it would have really helped to be able to set Mode and Gain in the events.


Just another thought. The Progress Bar wastes a lot of space - perhaps just have a small box with n/n rather than a moving bar and percentage?

The Mode, Gain and Suffix should then fit.

As I mentioned above, the event table, as it stands right now is not great. It’s very inflexible to the point where modifying it (adding or subtracting columns) is kind of a large-ish undertaking (this is due to some bad decision we made many years ago with less knowledge than we have now). Swapping, on the other hand is easy, and given the disparity in the popularity of suffix vs gain as an event-specific option, this seemed like a reasonable decision. We are actively exploring alternatives to the current table that could (as mentioned here I think) allow users to essentially construct their own table with their own preference of columns. These are the things I think are important:

  • Custom columns (and custom size of coIumns)
  • The event settings dialog would go away and, in its place we would insert collapsible / expandable event rows that hold this info. In that way, it’s possible to view event settings for multiple events at one time
  • Visual event filtering… see only 2x2 events, etc
  • Better bulk changes than what the current table allows now

Feel free to add your own items here…

Having the event window remember its size and location would be nice. Right now I have to resize it (in my case, make it taller to show all the events) whenever SGP starts.
Making any changes you mentioned should also be remembered.

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“Having the event window remember its size and location would be nice. Right now I have to resize it (in my case, make it taller to show all the events) whenever SGP starts.”

+1 on that! (I want to start showing 7 events on screen - for the 7 filters in my filter wheel).

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Well, for me the most important thing is to include “Mode”, where it goes is secondary, Gain on its own doesn’t help - it would be a horseless carriage :slight_smile:

Looking here on my machine I see location rmembered but not size. I think it would be an easy QoL change to make, but want to check if the location restoration is broken for everyone.

That’s also what I see - event table in correct location but size wrong 100% of the time.

Sometimes the main window forgets it location, but its size is always correct. I haven’t seen a pattern yet on when it is in last position or not.

The Control Panel NEVER appears on its own (I’m pretty sure it used to), although when I display it, it’s in the correct location.

On it’s own? You mean when SGPro opens or something?

If the control panel is displayed and I restart SGP, the control panel is NOT displayed.
Unlike the event table, which takes the last state.

For me, when SGP launches, it remembers the previous vertical position of the sequencer event window (Y axis), but neither the horizontal position (X axis) nor the window size. As a result, I have to reposition and resize the sequencer event window each time. The behavior is the same on my 3 imaging PCs.

Interesting. For me it’s just the bottom thst I need to drag down to enlarge the window. The position and width are fine.

I would appreciate this change regarding the gain setting. I personally don’t use the suffix section, but I do set gain for each event. So, for me, it would be nice to have gain at the top level, rather than having to drill down with the gear icon each time.

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Feel free to continue discussion about promoting gain to the event table here. For posts regarding window positioning and stuff like that, please move here (new features released):

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